That was weird. Password rejected, had to backdoor my wp installation. Does that happen a lot?

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Stage one wp redesign, thematic child theme version. Still in progress, and progressing only in fits, starts.

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More Code Examples

Added a new bit of code play to my examples page. New jQuery slideshow with a better cross-fade, using images this time instead of text. Also changed indicator dots in the second example to auto-populate based on the number of slides.

Soon I’ll have to split examples into multiple pages.

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Color Thief

Cool-looking script to analyze images by color palette — might come in handy for Image Conscious. See Color Thief.

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10 Tools & Frameworks for Responsive Design | Fuel Your Coding

Man, the world of web development keeps developing.  Here’s another list of sites: 10 Tools & Frameworks for Responsive Design | Fuel Your Coding.

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Slideshow vs. Internet (curse!) Explorer

Man! What a waste of time.

Simple jQuery slideshow, working great in Safari, Chrome, Firefox…. then checked IE7.  In IE image would appear for the set interval, then disappear for same interval, then next image, then interval, etc.  I expect CSS problems, but Javascript too? Curse!

Turned out that having curved corners and other HTML5 goodness applied using the PIE method to get them to work in IE lt9 versions was creating new siblings in the DOM, of course. Finally looking at IE generated source showed new “<css3-container>” elements next to <a>, <div> etc, which were messing up “next” selector method from jQuery.

To fix, just removed the curved-corner classes and presto chango, Robert remains your mother’s brother. Live and learn.

Simple demo version on my examples page.

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Adobe HTML5 Now and Next

Attended the Adobe HTML5 Now and Next event at Adobe SF. Some interesting stuff coming down the pike, even if some of it is a ways off yet. Layout grids! Image filters! Application cache! Flexboxes! Someday laying out a web page won’t be such a collection of kludges. The layout grids item particularly should give enable easier page design — and high time too.  Interesting too how Adobe has apparently unhitched their wagon from Flash in a very public way.

And in that bright, shining future perhaps Internet Explorer won’t suck as badly as now. Just today I put together a jQuery slideshow, which is working great in Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc. But just when you thought you’d taught IE to sit up and bark by slipping it the IE Shiv (the rest of the HTML5 page looks good), the dang javascript throws a wobbly, advancing a blank slide interval between every real slide image! Kind of difficult to post my entire HTML5 site upgrade with that problem on the home page… #*%*#@$ IE again!!!

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Some very cool CSS3/JQuery stuff at codrops

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new aeous, old wp

Uploaded the new (rather severely designed) site files for aeous.net, haven’t yet redesigned the blog template. Still, a better presentation of resumé and portfolio, not to mention it’s great to watch HTML5 come together.

The only troubling note is the constant flakiness of Adobe’s BrowserLab for testing in Internet Explorer (curse!), concurrent with my install of VMWare Fusion XP also crapping out with some lame permissions complaint. Taking a gamble that the files are working cross-browser, as BrowserLab seems to hint at with the occasional working screenshot. Damn these freely-supplied tools!

Next up: rework the blog templates to match the rest of the site. Lynda.com, here I come!

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Muse on Adobe

Attended one of the Adobe InDesign User Group meetings recently.  Useful presentations, one on accessible PDF generation, the other on the forthcoming Muse program which promises to grease the path from designing in InDesign to generating a full-fledged and rich web site. Looks very intriguing, and anything that cuts the coding slog would probably help me when designing. Must download the beta.

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