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Thanks to my fine neighbor Peter, another weekend spent flogging the waters in search of rainbow and brown trout. Angler = moron in river with stick attached to string. We morons had a blast.

This time we headed up to our favorite river, the McCloud near Mt. Shasta (Ash Camp side). It was just warm enough to enjoy being outdoors and fish in the snow and rain all day, and man it made a beautiful river even more so.

The only down side was taking a bit of a sideways header on the scree, inverttng more or less from normal and landing full force on my elbow/forearm and shoulder on the loose smaller rocks a foot or two downslope – tremendously lucky that I avoided a broken arm or collarbone, not to mention a concussion. Took awhile (and an emergency room visit) to be sure, but I ended up able to to fish all the second day after all (this time on the Upper Sacramento, Pollard Flat exit off I-5) before heading home. Woo hoo!

Both of us caught a number of fish, too. At a certain point on both days fish were rising to a mayfly hatch, we had the right flies, and they were hitting them. You’d have to be a fly fisherman to know how fun that is.

Part of the fun on these trips is listening to music with Peter, whose musical tastes are far broader than mine, but who (against all odds) is also a huge Tom Waits fan. Makes the long drive enjoyable by cutting down on the lying about the size and number of fish we caught.

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