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includes v. indexOf

Noticed some Javascript was breaking only in IE. Must have forgotten: Instead of string.includes use string.indexOf(‘x’)>-1. Or better yet add the polyfill noted on the MDN String.prototype.includes() page!

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There’s always something satisfying to solving problems, even small ones, via programming. As chief cook and bottle washer on my work site, I’m not only architecting, designing, coding and programming, but also frequently preparing new content. Often this content comes with its own small headaches.  For instance, we receive product image files from vendors whose […]

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A better slideshow for Image Conscious

Yesterday I rewrote the code for the slide show / carousel on my site at Image Conscious. Up till now I’ve had a bit of a process for updating the content on the slide show, which frankly was seriously making it hard to promptly deliver changes.  It involved gathering product shots, building an InDesign layout, […]

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That was weird. Password rejected, had to backdoor my wp installation. Does that happen a lot?

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Publishing this Toni Frissell image

My company is publishing this photograph as a poster. Though it’s a famous image, I’m not sure I had seen it before, and I certainly wasn’t aware of the photographer. Very beautiful image, no? Props to Danny for finding it in the Library of Congress archives.    

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RIP Hobbes

Lost our big goofy boy last week, his liver was not working for some reason and the neither the prognosis nor the emergency treatments were good. Probably the most awkward cat I’ve ever had, he managed to progress from an insane biter with rage issues to a big mushy Ferdinand of a fellow. I’m going […]

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Hello world!

Late to the blogging game, and not sure if I’ll be a frequent poster. Who has the time? But actually there are always things to note, things to say, pictures to share. Even inveterate lurkers like myself are apt to post something now and again. For now content to note recent random events: Consolidating domains, […]

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