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Product Slideshow Revisited

It’s been awhile since my last post; clearly I’m not a natural blogger.  Most of life seems ok by itself without clothing (cloaking?) it in meta.  But then again…. Noticed awhile ago I posted about improving the Image Conscious web site by changing the slideshow image generation from manual layouts to a programmatic rotation through […]

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AcademyX JS for Programmers + jQuery Brush-Ups

Just completed two courses at AcademyX SF: Javascript for Programmers and JQuery Fundamentals, both very ably taught by Ben Jaffe. The classes were a great review of both. There are always things to catch up on, techniques I just haven’t used before; plus I’m always rotating between PHP, HTML/CSS not to mention Photoshop and InDesign. […]

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new multilayer 3-d vertical scroll effect

Check out the jobs page on the  AirBNB web site. There’s a multilayer vertical scroll effect emulating depth which I have never seen before. It’s visually pretty rocking-cool.  I wonder where else it’s being used, if anywhere — I don’t recall seeing it elsewhere.  Very cool!

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A better slideshow for Image Conscious

Yesterday I rewrote the code for the slide show / carousel on my site at Image Conscious. Up till now I’ve had a bit of a process for updating the content on the slide show, which frankly was seriously making it hard to promptly deliver changes.  It involved gathering product shots, building an InDesign layout, […]

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Photoshop Workshop

It’s that time again. Teaching my longtime Beginning Photoshop workshop the next two Saturdays at Kala Art Institute — which has many more interesting classes besides.

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San Francisco Silent Film Festival event: Napoleon

Apparently the Holy Grail of silent film experiences, the current restoration of Napoleon plays at the Paramount Theatre in Oakland this weekend and next. My web site for The San Francisco Silent Film Festival has been holding up well so far, fun to watch the Google Analytics logs with all of the media attention driving […]

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XSS attempt = captcha

Seems that a hacker finally had a go at the press accreditation form, about 100 attempts in a minute or so. Hopefully some basic newline character filtering stymied them, and the new recaptcha widget will slow future attempts.

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That was weird. Password rejected, had to backdoor my wp installation. Does that happen a lot?

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Stage one wp redesign, thematic child theme version. Still in progress, and progressing only in fits, starts.

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More Code Examples

Added a new bit of code play to my examples page. New jQuery slideshow with a better cross-fade, using images this time instead of text. Also changed indicator dots in the second example to auto-populate based on the number of slides. Soon I’ll have to split examples into multiple pages.

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