AcademyX JS for Programmers + jQuery Brush-Ups

Just completed two courses at AcademyX SF: Javascript for Programmers and JQuery Fundamentals, both very ably taught by Ben Jaffe. The classes were a great review of both. There are always things to catch up on, techniques I just haven’t used before; plus I’m always rotating between PHP, HTML/CSS not to mention Photoshop and InDesign. Time to write some code and hammer it all in with some practice!

I was checking some code with “console.log(‘blar’)” and Ben mentioned he usually uses “blarg,” so the log is blarging or not. Blarging seems better than blarring, right? Learn something every day.

The jQuery team deserves a pony for putting out such an awesome set of tools. I’ve got to review my code and see where I can use some judicious JS/jQuery to thin out some tortuous server-side code here and there.

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