A better slideshow for Image Conscious

Image Conscious slide show

Yesterday I rewrote the code for the slide show / carousel on my site at Image Conscious.

Up till now I’ve had a bit of a process for updating the content on the slide show, which frankly was seriously making it hard to promptly deliver changes.  It involved gathering product shots, building an InDesign layout, exporting each page individually to JPG, renaming for scripting purposes, and uploading the image files to the site.

Now all I have to do to update slide show content is change an array of headlines, slide show links, and product shot image paths (the products shots are all on the site already). The script takes care of scaling the links for height and width, plus an optional array element allows for scaling of individual images in case some should be smaller than others.

Much as I like InDesign, I’d rather script content on the web, and the total pixel weight is less this way too. That’s rating a yay from me.

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