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Welcome to my domain. Why ‘aeous,’ you ask? No particular reason. It’s a domain I use for my freelance design work, and was the shortest decent domain name I could find at the time (it’s even harder now).

By way of profession, I’m a visual designer for web and print. I’m well versed in design using the Adobe suite (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, etc). I can hand-code HTML/CSS web pages, and like to employ PHP scripting for automation or back-end work. I can work through some mySQL setups, though I’m better as a front-end designer than a propeller-head back-end programmer. I employ Javascript for general effects, slideshows, etc. I’m also a general print graphic specialist with lots of experience in large-format image color correction. I’ve produced large product catalogues and designed lots of display magazine ads.

Also, I’m a long-time teacher of workshops in Adobe Photoshop at Kala Art Institute and elsewhere, where I meet lots of interesting artist types.

I’m still putting together my resumé and portfolio, whose current state you can view via the menu links.

What else? I’m a semi-avid bicyclist, meaning I’m not a racer but rather a recreational and commuter bicyclist. I have been known to enjoy flyfishing. I shelter hopes of reviving my rather dormant fine-art practice someday. I live with my wife and our cats in Alameda, California.

David Harding

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